I survived the Bazely lab.

Noah and MichelleMichelle Binczyk (in maroon) with Noah Riesenback, even made a t-shirt for people who #SurvivedTheBazelyLab. In your honour, these pages list some of the many, many hard-working folk who've lived (literally) and learned in the lab. They will eventually include Post-Docs, Graduate & Undergraduate Students: field assistants, BSc honours thesis students, NSERC Summer Undergrads, Work-Study, and Research at York students, as well as research practicum (RP) students, and visiting students.

I've listed people by the period when they arrived at the lab., though some stayed for a long time, or left and came back. This is an incomplete list that I will update when I have time.

Where possible, I will link to a current webpage, to answer the question: "where are they now?".


20140322_UTM_Biology_Day croppedNatan Bekit RP, Netta Untershats BSc, Andre Oliveira BSc, Noah Riesenbach BSc, Michelle Binczyk BSc, Lucas Colantoni BSc, Rajbir Ghuman RP, David Kim RP, Harsimrat Ratul BSc (L - middle), Janarthany Parameswaran BSc (L - right), Aqeel Ahmed (L - left), Tracy Tanentzap BSc, Netta Untershats BSc, Melanie Goral PhD student who transferred to Faculty of Education




Christie Cestra MSc, Milissa Elliott MSc, Andrew Tanentzap MSc, Dr. Gustaf Granath (visiting), David Staples, Paul Marmer (ongoing MSc)


Adriana Puentes MSc, Tom Rakocevic MSc, Tracey Etwell MSc, Nora Saona PhD


Carrie Firanski MSc, Kim Hynes MSc, Dr. Cecilia Tagliavia (did her MSc)


Elizabeth Billyard MSc, Lindsay Rodger MES, Christene Hubbard, Saewan Koh MSc, Mark Vicari MSc, Stephane McLachlan PhD