The IRIS years 2006-14

Bodleian construction hoardingIn 2004, the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) was launched as a university-wide Organized Research Unit of York University. This senate-chartered research unit is organized by York's Vice-President of Research and Innovation (VPRI).

I was appointed director for 2006-2009, and my position was extended for 2009-11, when I went on sabbatical, and Prof. Stepan Wood was appointed the director for 2011-12. My position as director was extended for one-year, to 2013 and then again, for another year to 2014.

YIKES! What's that about? Well, a whole lot of stuff relating to sustainability. You can read about the research and activities of IRIS at the website.

As director of IRIS over this 7-year period (ending June 2014), I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity of pursuing research and education in the sustainability field. The webpages at this lab. website relating to science-policy and the public understanding of science describe some of the activities that I undertook through my affiliation with IRIS.

Dawn Bazely