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Lab People: Nyssa van Vierssen Trip studies how people think about biodiversity in Toronto and globally

In 2015, I received an email from a newly arrived doctoral student in the Faculty of Environmental Students (now the Faculty of Environment and Urban Change), Ms. Nyssa van Vierssen Trip. Nyssa invited me to join her PhD supervisory committee, explaining that her two previous degrees were straight up Biology, but that she wanted to […]

Use Your Health Benefits for the Sake of the Students!

I have a great health benefits package that I have used during the pandemic more than I ever have over thirty years, except when I got a back injury in 2015. Caring for my own mental and physical health has been essential in maintaining my capacity for supporting the more vulnerable members of the YorkU […]

Pandemic Pedagogy Chronicles 11: who knew that Tik Tok would become the social media star of 2020?

  Last January, before in-person undergraduate classes were cancelled in March 2020, my 8:30am Winter Semester Applied Plant Ecology lecture covered media literacy and science communication. We discussed where people get their news from, who is behind different media platforms, and the role of social media in public science education. I'm pretty sure it was […]

Pandemic Pedagogy Chronicles 9: 2020's science-policy-politics-lessons

It's a year since scientists sounded the alarm about a novel, rapidly spreading coronavirus centred in Wuhan, China. Today, the New York Times published a review of the early events, in which politics over-rode the science, and some of the key doctors who first encountered what we now call SARS-CoV-2 virus, died as they warned […]

Pandemic Pedagogy Chronicles 8: #AdventBotany VLOGs & BLOGs

I've been touting the benefits of blogging for developing student writing skills, ever since 2006, when I learned how to write posts for the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability website, after I became its director. On my return to full-time teaching in 2014, I immediately added Blog writing assignments to all my Biology […]