My first MOOC: UQx's Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Update August 4, 2015: Unfortunately, my lower back & hip injury, has taken up ridiculous amounts of my life, and limited me to a max of 7 hours a day work, standing up, since late April. I was very sad that this meant I simply couldn't complete this very worthwhile, beautifully organized MOOC.

I watched the first 3 weeks of excellent MOOC videos, but I found that, in addition to my other work (research and student interactions), I just didn't have the ability to stand and type stuff for the required MOOC interactions: I've gotten much better at doing the standing desk thing. It has a physical and mental learning curve. I tried to do the MOOC while lying on my back, resting and holding an iPad, but didn't really work for me, though it has been very good for watching Netflix and tweeting. I will definitely enrol in other MOOCs in the future.

I signed up for my first MOOC or Massive Online Open Course on the edX platform!

The course, on the science of climate change denial, is based at the University of Queensland. It's being led by John Cook, the founder of the Skeptical Science website, which is aimed at debunking myths put out there by Climate Change Deniers. There are a lot of people taking the course!

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I'll be blogging about my experience with taking the course. So far, I have filled in info about me and I also posted to the forum asking how many people outside Canada have heard of the Harper government's muzzling of federal scientists, war on science, and their decision to pull out from Kyoto.

Mooc 2

I have lectures to attend, so must dash to class.