Hacking #YorkU Moodle for students in BIOL2010 & BIOL3290

It has come to my attention that students enrolling in courses during the first week of classes do not get immediately access to the password protected moodle course electronic classrooms.

Therefore, these students don't have access to the course handouts in order to catch up with what they have missed in the first 1-2 lectures.

So, here they are, for --
1. Plant Biology (#BIOL2010) BIOL2010_2016_course outline and Lab Zero_week 1
2. Plant Ecology (#BIOL3290) BIOL 3290 Outline W2016

For the first lab in Plant Biology, we are showing episode 1 of the superb BBC Scotland series, How to Grow a Planet -- which is essentially, an overview of the entire plants course. You can see episodes 1 and 2 online at TVO: http://tvo.org/programs/how-to-grow-a-planet