What Trees Talk About features the excellent research of Canadian ecologists

Aerial view of boreal forest

I'm always thrilled when one of my colleagues contacts me, to alert me to their research hitting the mainstream media. On November 26th, 2017, CBC's Nature of Things, which is  introduced by Dr. David Suzuki, broadcast an absolutely fabulous documentary on the ecology of Canada's boreal forest: What Trees Talk About.

I loved the programme so much, that I watched it three times. I know many of the researchers featured in show, but it was Dr. Andrew Tanentzap who had emailed me. Andrew did his undergraduate biology degree at York University, and, then his MSc in my lab. Andrew is now on the faculty at Cambridge University, but he began the research featured on the show, with Prof. John Gunn of Laurentian University, during his Banting post-doctoral fellowship with York's Dr. Norm Yan.

If you live in Canada, watch the show online! If not, perhaps it will be on Netflix. Since it's advent season, you can read my 2015 posts about white cedar and balsam fir, at University of Reading's Advent Botany blog. Here's the trailer: