Wikipedia Editathon Chronicles Part 3: growing Wikipedians

When I returned to my full-time undergraduate teaching load in 2014, after 7 years of having a reduced teaching load while I was director of IRIS, I included a series of new assignments in my Biology courses.

In addition to learning about ecology, these assignments introduced students to using social media skills, such as Twitter, for science communication, how to blog and how to edit and create Wikipedia pages for ecologists and women in STEM.

Little did I realize that 5 years after I developed these assignments, that I would not only still be teaching these skills to York University students, but also to students and colleagues around the world.

As we start planning the 4th annual Ada Lovelace Day celebrations at York University, not only has my list of people to make wikipedia pages for, grown to include both male and female colleagues: Lawrie Metcalf, John Dupuis (yes, he is definitely notable enough to warrant a page), and Canada Research Chair Tier 1, Professor Marie Josee Fortin FRSC, but, now I'm often needing to expand the pages that I created!

Most recently, I applied to Wikipedia to "refund" my draft page for last year's Ada Lovelace Day speaker, Elly Zupko, which is an interesting process. I had to explain why the page had not been worked on in 6 months. The main reason, I wrote, was being on the other side of the digital divide with very limited internet access!