My pandemic pedagogy planning began in January 2020

It's August 2nd. I haven't yet posted on this lab blog in 2020. I did write some posts for my Applied Plant Ecology course blog. BIOL 4095 ran from January to April 2020. One of its 11 topics is invasive, non-indigenous organisms, which meant that I began including the spread of the novel virus, SARS-CoV-2 […]

COP25 saw more of the same rhetoric and policies as at COP15

Members of the York University delegation to COP25 on Madrid will be reporting back to the community on January 14th, 2020 (details left). I've been teaching undergraduate and graduate students about the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change since 1992, when I taught my first applied plant ecology course at York University. I couldn't […]

Reflections on the year in higher education 2019: Part 2

When I realized that the first of my six catch-up 2019 blog posts was really long, I split it into three posts! Some thoughts about my past decade in academia: 2000-19 In 2010, I was three and half years into what would become a seven-year, four-term stint as director of the pan-university Institute for Research […]

Reflections on the year in higher education 2019: Part 1

It's December 30, 2019. I know that many colleagues will either be submitting the last of their Fall Term grades, or casting their minds forward to their Winter Term teaching. I'm in the latter group. I hope that student members of the academic community are resting, having fun and catching up on their sleep, and […]