My 2017-18 sabbatical report aims to be a public document

An important post-sabbatical duty for profs, is writing a report of the activities that were undertaken. As I keep telling people, including, astonishingly, some professors: "A sabbatical is NOT a holiday!" After my first two, year-long, sabbaticals in 1997 and 2004, I wrote boring memos to the Dean's office. My approach to reporting changed in […]

About those missing blog posts... part 2: link rot

I covered some of my challenges with blogging in the first of this "about those missing blog posts..." series. Today is about link rot, which is what happens when you link to a live url (uniform resource locator) in a blog post, but at some point, the link to this content breaks. Why does this happen? And […]

Another VLOG... this time from Professor Pat Lakin-Thomas

Smart phones not only put advanced photographic capacity into the hands of everyone who owns one, but also an ability to record amazing videos. An emerging research literature is documenting the power of these technologies in taking science communication to the next level. I have been posting home-made science communication videos, made with iMovie, on […]