Lab Alumna: Dr. Adriana Puentes

A pillar of persistence as a woman in #STEM

2014-02-16 08.37.00I'm still playing around with the best way to make posts about past students from the lab, within the limitations imposed by the YorkU wordpress template.

Adriana did her BSc at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Botany (now called EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). After finishing her honours BSc thesis with Prof. Spencer Barrett, she came to York University, where she did her MSc on fungal endophytes in my lab (2004-06). Adriana went on to do her on PhD on plant-herbivore interactions in the Department of Plant Ecology. Adriana: Adriana Puentes, University, Sweden webpage.

Adriana has been lab. manager at Prof. Mike Waddington's Ecohydrology Lab. at McMaster University, up to March 2014. She has accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at SLU-Uppsala with Prof. Christer Bjorkman.

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