My 6 favourite #SciComm tweets since I got back on the grid

I've been back in our wired world for 2 weeks after being off the grid in the arctic for August.

While I did have a pricey satellite phone with me, in case my family needed to contact me, I didn't at all miss the internet and the world of cheap mobile phone minutes

Lots of people have asked me how I survived being so isolated.
"Easy" I say.
"I simply lived in the moment and was present for my companions."
I was working long hours alongside many enthusiastic experts, helping to create the arctic trip of a lifetime for passengers on board the Ocean Endeavour.

Who needs the internet when you have all of that?

Nevertheless, being back in touch with the world's largest encyclopedia (the internet) is great. I've looked up tons of stuff about what I observed in the arctic, and I've been communicating with colleagues around the world.

Here are my six favourite tweets  since August 26th, explaining the "Who, What, Where, and When" of the last 6 weeks, and the "Why and How" I use social media for science.

Who I was hanging out with in August: Adventure Canada's resource staff & passengers on their Arctic Safari and Arctic Explorer expedition cruises. I also had the privilege of meeting, speaking with, and hanging out with community members in Nunavut and Greenland, including many young people.


What I was doing in August: identifying plants and interpreting the natural history of arctic plant communities.


Where I was in August: in some of the most spectacular biomes and scenery on the planet (OK, I say that about every biome).


When the only way to observe plants is to crawl around
(thank you to my back maintenance team of physio, RMT, acupuncturist etc. Full disclosure -- I put out my right lower back and hip at the end of Arctic Explorer, because I didn't do my pilates and yoga exercises every day. #LessonLearned)


Here are my favourite Why and How tweets of the last 2 weeks explaining why I was happy to get back on the grid.

Why it's fun to support crowdfunded science projects:
(I FINALLY uploaded this awesome reward from Baba Brinkman -- with his permission)



How twitter connects scientists around the world: