Why academics should regularly attend conferences where we don't present our work. Pt 1

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), one always presents new research at every conference one attends. (Or at the very least, one must be a co-author on a talk or poster). Growing up as an ecological researcher, I've observed that there are two main reason for this ALWAYS […]

My first MOOC: UQx's Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Update August 4, 2015: Unfortunately, my lower back & hip injury, has taken up ridiculous amounts of my life, and limited me to a max of 7 hours a day work, standing up, since late April. I was very sad that this meant I simply couldn't complete this very worthwhile, beautifully organized MOOC. I watched the first […]

Leadership & management lessons learned directing IRIS: Part 2

In 2006, when I took over as director of York University's Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS), I was very concerned with how to improve my skill set for effective leadership and management. In many ways, my experience as a sustainability researcher from 2006-14 was as much about observing and learning from other […]

Updated Evidence-Based Policy in Canada Blog

I've been learning (and writing) about the science-policy-politics nexus since I took on the directorship of IRIS (York's Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability) in 2006. Colleagues such as York's Steacie Science Librarian, John Dupuis have done important work, documenting the Harper government's cuts to research in general and organizing the Death of Evidence Funeral […]

Marina Silva's opening speech at 3rd Adaptation Futures conference, Brazil

I'm posting after 15 May because fact-checking was needed! On Monday 12 May 2014, Marina Silva, the former Brazilian Minister of the Environment under President Lula, who is currently running on a Presidential election ticket with Eduardo Campos, as candidate for Vice-President, gave the opening speech, in Portuguese at the 3rd Adaptation Futures Conference in Fortaleza, […]