Getting back to field work at #BioBlitz2015 in the Don River Watershed

I took up field work for the 2nd time this season at the Ontario Bioblitz flagship event on the Don Watershed. The Ontario Science Centre was the HQ. I was joined by Vithuja Vijayakanthan, one of my remaining 2 graduate students from my IRIS director days. Her research, looks at the inherent tensions between the Bioblitz as a research vehicle, and […]

The ecological benefits of backyard chickens

Visiting central Massachusetts is always fun. There are loads of higher education institutions, such Harvard Forest (Harvard University), where I spent 6 months during my last sabbatical, University of Massachusetts Amherst campus, Smith College, Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, and Hampshire College, all located near each other, with lots of interactions and collaborations. Last weekend, I […]